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I don’t know if you could say those links “sum me up” — they don’t, really. But let’s just say I’m 20, I like to write and I’m absolutely pants at blogging. That sounds about right.


4 Responses

  1. Van says:

    Hey Rosianna,
    I read your website and am so blessed! I want to contact you in individual, so please can you give me your personal email?

  2. Alicia says:


    I have watched your videos since your beginning and you have been a constant in my life that i am so very grateful for. You have been an inspiration throughout the years. I remember a video a while back you said something about bookselling. Is that your job? You went to some sort of gathering and you got books before they cam out and were impressed with the binding. I’d like to know what your job is and if it involves books. I’m looking foreward to your response,

  3. DavidA says:

    Regarding “the scarcity of decent British teen fiction” that you mention on Twitter, perhaps it’s time to move on from reading the genre of teen fiction entirely?

  4. Thomas P says:

    You know that empty feeling which comes from lonliness?I love your video’s,your lucky you get to travel so much

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